Learn how to create reports using CDS/D365 data using FetchXML and Microsoft Visual Studio

Course Summary

Organisations have several options for their reporting needs. Power BI is a great way to provide dashboards for your end users, along with other 3rd party tools, and there will always be Excel... but what if there was another way?

This course will teach you how to create reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and FetchXML queries. A typical SSRS reporting course will cover information not needed or relevant for the Common Data Service (CDS) and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (D365CE) customers, and will also miss out important steps required to write reports for your environment. CDS/D365CE reports are created using FetchXML, a proprietary query language used in the Common Data Service.

Each section of the course is broken out in to logical bite sized lessons, with easy to understand tutorials to walk you through all of the elements of writing reports using SSRS.  You will learn how to set up the tools needed, create queries using FetchXML Builder and start creating your first report.

I hope you'll enjoy learning throughout the course, and take aware the knowledge you need to provide reports for any organisation you may work with.

See you in class!

In virtually every Dynamics 365 or Power Platform project I have worked with, there is always a requirement to produce contextual reports within the application.  While Power BI is great for dashboards, there are many reporting workloads in which SSRS is a much better and cost-effective fit.  Unfortunately, the documentation on how to build SSRS reports for the Dynamics 365/Common Data Service projects is incomplete and hard to find.  Megan Walker has finally addressed this need with an online class on how to create SSRS reports!  Megan’s class removes the mystery in setting up the tools to build reports and also walks you through step by step to create powerful reports for your Dynamics 365/CDS projects.  Become your organizations reporting hero!

Nick Doelman
Power Platform Specialist & Microsoft MVP


The course covers 6 different sections, with over 40 lessons and videos. Go at your own pace and re-watch videos, or go back over lessons as you need.

Megan will cover how to become a report writer using SQL Server Reporting Services, getting to grips with FetchXML and Visual Studio. She will cover how to add report groups, understanding expressions and using text box properties. You'll learn how to add multiple entities, and create not only functional and informative reports, but visually appealing by adding charts, indicators gauges and a matrix.

  • Before You Get Started
  • Creating Your First Report
  • Expanding On Your Report
  • Adding Aggregates & Visualisations
  • Using Parameters
  • Report Management
Megan has extensive knowledge of SSRS, D365, and the CDS. When I have a difficult SSRS report question, I go to Megan for help. Her thorough, patient, friendly manner facilitate the learning process and make her a fantastic instructor. With her course, you can go beyond the basics of SSRS and learn how to write reports specifically for D365 and CDS. 

Principal Consultant, Velosio

Megan has great knowledge of Dynamics 365, the Common Data Service and SSRS. Combined with her easy to understand training style, she's providing a course to help you learn how to write reports for any organisation.  Be confident in the knowledge that this training is the best of the best, delivered by the best; you will not be disappointed!

Microsoft Business Applications MVP


Megan Walker

Megan V. Walker is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and a Dynamics/Power Platform Consultant. She has been writing and creating content on the Power Platform since 2017, sharing articles and making videos to share with the community. Megan wanted to continue sharing knowledge and information on a variety of subjects, but give people a way to learn at their own pace in a structured step by step course.

I worked with Megan for a number of years at a recruitment software company. In my role leading the sales team, I had a need for reports all the time. Megan was able to understand what I was looking for, then write a report that not only met my needs but surpassed them. The attention to detail always impressed me. I can't think of a better person placed to teach this course.

VP of Sales



  • VAT included in the price for UK Customers

    • Complete course with tutorials, downloads and a clear lesson plan
    • Ability to take lessons as needed, moving throughout the course as desired
    • Re-watch content as many times as you wish
    • Course completion certificate



    • Complete course with tutorials, downloads and a clear lesson plan
    • Ability to take lessons as needed, moving throughout the course as desired
    • Re-watch content as many times as you wish
    • Course completion certificate